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Telus wins 2019 Corporate Good Neighbour Award

We are happy to announce Telus has been honoured with a Corporate Good Neighbour Award by Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia!

Telus received the award at the ANHBC’s annual Good Neighbours Awards in May, during Neighbourhood House Week. You can read more about Telus’ valuable contribution to their community below.

Telus shows up with genuine interest in the community and an authentic desire to help.

The company continues to support the neighbourhood in multiple entry points, especially at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s (Kits House) key events.

By bringing teams to help support at events, as well as their much-appreciated sponsorship, Telus provides expertise in fundraising through numerous support levels and helped Kits House get in touch with our other business opportunities to support its growth.

Over many years, Telus has been involved with Kits House and continues to provide support in the form of prizes and volunteers at its December dinners and other community based events.

Telus has shown up to make a real difference in the community!

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