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South Vancouver’s Teresa Lei wins 2019 Youth Good Neighbour Award

We are happy to announce Teresa Lei has been honoured with a Youth Good Neighbour Award by South Vancouver Neighbourhood House and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia!

Teresa received the award at the ANHBC’s annual Good Neighbours Awards in May, during Neighbourhood House Week. You can read more about Teresa’s valuable contribution to their community below.

Teresa has been a stellar youth volunteer with the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) over the past four years.

Her involvement began with her participation in Green Team and throughout the years, her leadership and sense of volunteerism blossomed tremendously.

Teresa began to volunteer in many more youth programs, such as the Neighbourhood Youth Initiative, Opening Worlds to Literacy, Friday Nights, and eventually, accepted the role of an Executive Leader on the Green Team.

Through these programs, Teresa supported community connectedness between families and children in South Vancouver by hosting workshops, special events, sustainability awareness campaigns, and community outreach booths.

Teresa is almost always the first to take the lead for events, bake sales, workshop opportunities, and whenever she senses extra volunteers are needed.

One of her strongest leadership qualities is her ability to be humble, friendly, welcoming, and humorous. These qualities make her a very approachable mentor for new youth volunteers in younger grades.

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