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Projects In Place Society wins 2019 Corporate Good Neighbour Award

We are happy to announce Projects In Place Society has been honoured with a Corporate Good Neighbour Award by Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia!

Projects In Place Society, based in Vancouver, received the award at the ANHBC’s annual Good Neighbours Awards in May, during Neighbourhood House Week. You can read more about Projects In Place Society’s valuable contribution to their community below.

Projects In Place Society is a volunteer-run non-profit society that brings design and construction professionals into collaboration with communities.

Affectionately known as PIPS, the society offers design, project management, and build event coordination services in Vancouver.

They partnered with Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House for several years to build the new parklet on Prince Albert Street, which serves as a spectacular front porch for the whole neighbourhood.

PIPS partners with organizations that wouldn’t ordinarily have access to design and construction services.

In doing so, the society enables communities to become the driving force behind their own projects. Young, local designers have a chance to showcase their expertise, while volunteers gain valuable construction skills.

PIPS believes that everyone deserves opportunities to make their community a better place and knows that Vancouver is full of potential.

They are excited to have a hand in improving spaces, educating the public, and striving for sustainability.

During planning meetings for our parklet, and over the course of a one-weekend build, PIPS contributed nearly 600 volunteer hours. Behind the scenes, they contributed countless more hours to design, consulting, and project management.

Jocelyne Hamel, Executive Director of Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, says the parklet project has been her favourite experience of collaboration ever, thanks to PIPS.

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